Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Hirosaki University


Yuko Sugiyama is professor of ecological anthropology and area studies at Hirosaki University. Her research focuses on the grassroots innovation history among the rural farmers of Africa and Japan, with a gender perspective. Her research agenda also calls attention to human gathering, work cooperation and food sharing by examining people’s daily interaction as an emerging field of sociality where the contested interests are balanced according to the shared ethics of the society, which sometimes leads to the process of local innovation.


Local agricultural systems and the socio-ecological changes of: the Bemba people of Northern Zambia, the Gogo people of Central Tanzania and Northeast Japan (mostly Aomori Prefecture).



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Books (in Japanese)

  • Work and the Modernization in Hirosaki (joint work, Hirosaki University Press, 2016)
  • African Area Studies and Rural Development (joint work, Kyoto University Press, 2011)
  • Tsugaru: The Dynamism of Modernization Process (joint work, Ochanomizu Shobo, 2008)
  • Gender: Reading Anthropology (joint work, Sekaishisousha, 2007)