Project Members


Each researcher from the anthropology and primatology clusters will conduct research for several weeks to months to collect the primary data which will serve as the groundwork of this project. They will then share their research at regular meetings attended by all members of this project, serving to expand and develop an extensive range of their findings through discussion, which will culminate in dissemination and publication. Furthermore, the goal of developing new theory and methodology will be cultivated in methodology meetings, in order to enable anthropology and primatology researchers to develop their collaborative research. We will provide young researchers opportunities of training and inspiring them during young researcher workshops as well. Moreover, guest lecturers will be invited to regular meetings so members of the study can glean pioneering knowledge from neighboring academic fields and comprehensively promote debate.

Anthropology Cluster

To engage in research covering different cultural groups and diverse regions, including Asia, Africa, Oceania and the Arctic.

Primatology Cluster

To engage in research in various species of non-human primates (e.g., Japanese macaques, guenons, chimpanzees, gorillas, etc.).

Steering and Theoretical Research Cluster

To summarize the project, comparing knowledge and approaches from the neighboring academic fields (e.g., comparative developmental psychology and physical anthropology) against anthropology and primatology, enabling the dissemination and publication of the project’s findings.

Methodology Meetings

To develop investigation methods and examine concepts in light of the problems identified in the regular meetings to enable anthropology and primatology researchers to proceed with research in the same forum of debate.

Young Researcher Workshops

To enhance research activities of young researchers in the anthropology and primatology by planning and running workshops with supports by senior fellows.

Principal Investigator


Research Collaborators

Guest speakers

Secretariat staff