Sociality Project, FSC, ILCAA

Field Science Colloquium
See Monkeys in the Same Way to See Humans

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Date:5th Sep., 2020 (Sat) 13:15-18:00
Venue:Online meeting (Zoom)
Co-host:Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (S) “The Origin and Evolution of Human Sociality”
 Field Science Center, ILCAA
 Core Project (Anthropology), ILCAA
Contact:sociality.oe[at] (Please replace [at] to @)
13:15-13:20Kaori KAWAI (ILCAA)
Opening remarks
13:20-13:30Yuji TAKENOSHITA (Chubu Gakuin University)
Statement of purpose
13:30-14:10Tomoyuki TAJIAMA (Kyoto University)
Nothing but me and you: Continuity between orangutan’s sharing and human’s gift
14:20-15:00Nahoko TOKUYAMA (Kyoto University)
Patterns of inter-group aggressive interactions indicate competition among males and cooperation among females in bonobos
15:10-15:50Haruka TANIGUCHI (ILCAA)
Infant care during the weaning period in wild Japanese macaques
Akio TANABE (University of Tokyo)
Osamu NAKAGAWA (Rikkyo University)
Keiichiro MATSUMURA (Okayama University)
16:45-17:00Replies to the comments
17:10-18:00General discussion