Sociality Project

The 3rd Meeting for Junior Researchers: The Origin and Evolution of Human Sociality

Date: 6th June, 2021 (Sun.) 13:00~16:00
Venue: Online meeting (Zoom)
Theme: Marriage, Family, Social organization, Kinship
Part I: Primatology
Tatsuro Kawazoe (ILCAA, TUFS)
13:00-13:35 <Reviews> Social organization, Social structure, Matrilineal/Patrilineal, Dispersal
13:35-13:55 <Research> Exploring group boundaries in the behavior of male Japanese macaques
Part II: Anthropology
Aya Kawai (ILCAA, TUFS)
14:00-14:20 <Reviews> Kinship, Descent, Matrilineal/Patrilineal, Kinship terminologies
14:20-14:40 <Research> “Adaption” among the Bateks at K.Koh in Peninsular Malaysia: Preliminary research on kinship
Kiyoshi Tadokoro (Toyo University)
14:45-15:05 <Reviews> Marriage, Spouses, Family
15:05-15:25 <Research> The impact of natural gas development on marriages among subsistence farmers in the Papua New Guinea
Part III: Discussion
15:30-16:00 General Discussion