Sociality Project

The 9th Meeting for Junior Researchers: The origin and evolution of human sociality

Date: 19th Nov., 2022 (Sat.) 13:00~16:05
Venue: Online meeting (Zoom)
Theme: Food sharing
13:00-13:05 Announcement of future plans
【Part I】 Reviews
13:05-13:25 Tomoyuki Tajima(Osaka University)
“Food sharing,Reciprocal Exchange”
13:35-13:55 Haruna Yatsuka(Tsuda University)
  “Food sharing, Possession”
14:05-14:25 General discussion
【Part II】 Research presentation
14:35-14:55 Tomoyuki Tajima(Osaka University)
“Do food sharing among orangutans influence on the reproduction?”
15:05-15:25 Haruna Yatsuka(Tsuda University)
“Possession and sharing of foods among the Hadza hunter-gatherers engaged in tourism in Tanzania ”
15:35-16:05 General discussion