Sociality Project

Public Symposium “Life History: Birth, Growth, and Death of Nonhuman Primates and Humans”

Date: 30th Oct., 2022 (Sun.) 13:00~18:00
Venue: Hybrid meeting (ILCAA room304, Zoom)
 Openning remarks
   Kari Kawai(ILCAA)
   Yuriko igarashi(Nihon University)
Speaker David Sprague(National Agriculture and Food Research Organization)
“Life history of primates”
 Yasuhiro Yamada(Tokyo Metropolitan University)
“Life history of Jomon people”
 Takuya Matsumoto(Shinshu University)
“Chimpanzee weaning and human childhood: how can life histories be compared between species?”
 Taro Yamauchi(Hokkaido University)
“How hunter-gatherer children become adults: Alloparenting and children’s hunting and gathering activities”
 Hitonaru Nishie(Kyoto University)
“Are chimpanzees to die?: Chimpanzee thanatology reconsidered”
 Yasuhiro Yamada(Tokyo Metropolitan University)
“View of life and death of Jomon people”
CommentsMotomitsu Uchibori (Professor Emeritus at Hitotsubashi University/The Open University of Japan)
“Birth of the dead among the modern humans”
Yuriko igarashi(Nihon University)
“Childbirth and childcare of prehistoric people”
Ryoko Nishii(ILCAA)
“Death and life in contemporary Thailand”

More details will be updated